Facts about Trains - Interesting Facts about Trains and Railroads

With over 200 years in our history, train and railway industry managed to become important part of our civilization. Here you can find out more about their impact and the way they interacted with us during last two centuries of incredible human growth.

Train Steam Locomotive

Types of Trains, Locomotives and Rails

During the last 250 years, train industry transformed itself from its simple beginnings into one of the most influential transport industries in the world. That period of time was marked with countless train designs of all types and sizes, which are listed here.

Old Locomotive Train

Interesting Facts about Trains

From the moment when steam locomotive was first conceived, interaction of human civilization and innovative train industry enabled the meteoric rise of industry and public transportation. Here you can find out some of the most interesting facts about trains.

Long Train

Longest Trains

Trains come in many variates, but some of them are impressively long. Here you can get informed about the longest passenger, bulk, and general freight cargo trains.

Famous Old Train

Famous Trains

The world's best known trains and locomotives are: 20th Century Limited, Trans-Siberian Express, Orient Express, Flying Scotsman, Golden Arrow, Blue Train, Bullet Train, TGV, Eurostar, Ghan, Indian Pacific, Super Chief, Peruvian Central Railway, Maharajas’ Express, The Hiawatha, California Limited, Rovos Rail Pride of Africa, Belmond Royal Scotsman, El Transcantábrico, The Sweet Train…

Lego Train

Lego Trains

Lego Trains represent one of the most popular pre-made sets that Lego customers are enjoying. Since they first appeared on the market in mid-1960s Lego train sets evolved much, enabling kids, adult enthusiasts and train set clubs to create incredible railway networks in their homes.

Steam Train